Jumbocruiser coach featured in film


If you're 12-year-old girl, Justin Bieber is ancient history and you are now transfixed on the latest boy band, One Direction. As if they aren't popular enough -- their wax likenesses are now in Madame Tussauds -- they have a movie out this weekend starring them and their bus.

It's the feature This Is Us , which came in second at the box office earning $18 million, and the group's double-decker jumbocruiser bus has a few cameos. They don't flaunt it. But it looks pretty cool.

Each fellow has their own closed sleeping pod to get caught up on shut-eye in between gigs. There's a front and back lounge with satellite television.

"There's a great little kitchen downstairs," says director Morgan Spurlock, who traveled with the boys. "It's this fantastic home away from home. And when you spend as much time on the road they do, you need a place where you can hang your hat. That's important."

Of course, being five guys on the road, things can get a little rough onboard. "It goes from moments of incredibly dirty after shows, but it gets cleaned up quickly."

The guys love it so much, that frequently they'll pass up the finest hotels in the world and bunk in their cruiser.

"They'll be staying at some beautiful swing hotel, but they'd rather be on the bus," says Spurlock. "For them it feels more like a home than being in a new hotel every night."