American Motorhome Rentals - 4 to 7 Star RVs

These American RVs include some of the best 7* RVs available in Europe and are available for hire from Jumbocruiser. They can be used as star buses, as green rooms, as dressing rooms, as offices and meeting rooms. They can be used at sporting events, music festivals, outside theatres as extra accommodation or even to transport a small number of people on our Operator's License. The largest RVs come with double or triple slide outs giving a very large living space, exterior entertainment centre, large 40" TV screens and tasteful interiors. Full sized cooking area with gas oven and hobs and large microwave. The Revolutions have two toilets - one for the main bedroom and one for the front living room. There are a few new operators that have sprung up out there but please remember that Jumbocruiser has been going since 1996 when it was part of Atlantic Coast PLC

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